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Tools for Development

  1. Smart classrooms [multiple brands]

  2. ID generation for participating users

  3. Training facility for users prior to actual use

  4. 100% LIVE Session management

  5. Silent System for tracking student/participant-wise attendance every 20 to 30 minutes on surprise basis

  6. Silent System for tracking student/participant-wise engagement level for each session System for online capturing of feedbacks of student / participants – session by session and student /participant-wise

  7. System for online capturing of feedbacks of student / participants – session by session and student /participant-wise

  8. Virtual Group Discussions System [with 100% LIVE Video and Audio feeds] as a part of the subject [excluding cost of reading materials and also topic required to do group discussion

  9. System for Inter-participants Networking for Learning and Exchange of ideas

  10. Presentation System for students /participants to make presentations to the faculty 
    [with 100% LIVE Streaming Video /Audio feeds]

  11. Learning Management System [LMS] required for the entire duration of a program spread over
    several weeks

  12. System for recording 100% LIVE sessions for viewing later [ available till formal sessions are over]

  13. Scheduling System – covering both [a] faculty conducted learning process and [b] all activities coming under 
    scheduled and guided learning process outside formal faculty conducted sessions - for the entire learning and  
    transformation process of any Program; this system is used to track students’ /participants’ acts and deeds both 
    during faculty conducted sessions and outside faculty conducted session. This system also provides select 
    information for preparing Program Report Card [PRC] [see item 14 below]

  14. Program Report Card [PRC] - A weekly/ fortnightly report on program delivery [participant-wise and overall]. 
    PRC data can be linked to Use organization’s MIS

  15. Back-office Services to facilitate end2end planning and delivery of programs being planned by any user 
    organization & 24x7 support to participants

  16. PROCTORED Pre-Assessment and/ or Entrance process involving online examination [comprising Perspective
    & Aptitude Test [PAT]and Quantitative Skill Test

  17. System for Instant Checking of students / participants’ understanding of specific concept/skill during 
    any session

  18. System For PROCTORED online short quizzes [questions to be given by faculty/ subject matter expert]

  19. System for PROCTORED online program-end examinations [duration: 1 to 3 hours] - questions to be given by 
    faculty/ subject matter expert; case-based exam possible

  20. Evaluation & grading the students / participants based on the organization’s guidelines and after faculty/SMEs
    submit the answer key of exam/quiz marks

OTHER SERVICES [available currently for Capability Building in Business, Management and Social Sciences areas]: 
[1] Content research and Content, [2] Sourcing Faculty/ Subject Matter Experts and [3] Guidance of Action 
Learning Projects [ALPs].

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