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Strategy Advisory Services

The Next Ideation [TNI] offers professional advisory services - in the areas of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership -that are aimed to resolve existing and future business challenges faced by organisations and in the process provide support to such organisation to shape their futures and destinies.

The advisory services offered by TNI normally comprises a five-pronged approach:

  • Undertake review of strategies adopted during the current period and immediate past and assess how the same had impacted key performance metrices of business such as top line growth, volume, margin, profitability, cash flow and valuation.

  • Draw key evidence-based insights based on the strategy review so done jointly with senior and top leadership team members.  

  • Assist senior and top leadership team members in developing future-shaping moves in strategy and leadership areas

  • Ensure implementation of such future-shaping moves through developing  result-focused action plans

  • Enhancement of capabilities of managers, side by side resolution of strategic and leadership challenges faced, in a way that is customised to meet organisational requirements in such areas as talent development and retention and specific skill development

TNI offers professional advisory services in the areas of:

  • Analysis of industry and how does competitive forces shape an industry    and identify forces influencing industry evolution,

  • Development of competitive strategy against the backdrop of industry analysis conducted and assess for need business model innovation

  • Development of growth, consolidation and turnaround strategies

  • Strategic Repositioning, Corporate Restructuring and M&A

  • Strategic Risk Management

  • Strategy Execution

  • Organisational Transformation and Management of Change

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Institution Building

  • Management of Family Business – Resolving Growth, Professionalisation and Succession Planning challenges


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