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Foundation for Economic and Social Transformation

TNI has set up a Charitable Trust named The Next Ideation Foundation for Economic and Social Transformation [TNIFEST]. The trust’s principal mission is to enhance the skills of people who are denied opportunities to learn – because of a variety of socio-economic and family related reasons. TNIFEST helps such a target group become what they wish to be in the future. While facilitating such a capability building process that helps people overcome roadblocks to overcome hindrances to learning, TNIFEST deploys TNI Capability Building Platform that is 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive and investment-free at learner’s end. The learning solution, as just described, is designed to deliver almost all types of education and skill building programs conveniently and inexpensively.

TNIFEST mainly focuses on two categories of programs viz:

        (A) Women Empowerment Programs that aim to help the target groups acquire, free of cost,

             certain skills necessary to get employed or start their own ventures.

        (B) Help economically as well as academically disadvantaged and geographically dispersed

             students complete their Class X, XI and XII education and also acquire some job-specific

             skills by providing them free coaching services.

Organisations sponsoring programs such as  [A] and [B] will get Income Tax Certificates from TNIFEST on the lines IT Act specifies.

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